About Us

What Finda Home Real Estate stands for

Return on your Investment: Finda Home Real Estate will strive to achieve the highest possible market price in the shortest possible timeframe for your property.

Commission: we are offering leaner commissions because we don’t have anyone else ‘clipping the ticket’.  However, that doesn’t compromise the standard of service and professionalism you receive.  We, at Finda Home Real Estate, do not accept any ‘money’ or ‘points’ from banks or agencies.

Free Market Appraisal: we undertake an inspection of your property and formulate a Comparative Market Appraisal in consideration of comparable properties in the area that have recently sold or that are on the market.


Registered Valuation: this enables the vendor a stress-free option of selling as a bank approved valuer covers Certificate of Title, past sales and an in-depth legal appraisal of your home. (There is a charge for this)

Council Property File: we will research, free of charge, the Council Property File to obtain as much information on the property and its history as is possible.

A LIM Report (which is extra information) is covered by the local council: this covers the structural integrity of the property in general, i.e. sewerage, water and history of the property.

A Builder’s Report: covers the immediate structural integrity of the building, seeing if there is any hidden structural work needed, i.e. piles, roof etc.  This way, both seller and purchaser are legally covered as much as possible without removing fixtures.

The above requirements are often necessary to complete a property Sale & Purchase agreement. 
The LIM report and Builder’s report are usually at the purchaser’s cost.

Finda Home Real Estate Marketing: Finda Home Real Estate – won’t rush you into the market.  It will usually be a 7-day set-up process to ensure you are 100% confident with our proposal to you, to enable you, the vendor, a stress-free real estate experience.

This process includes, the completion of legal listing documentation, the staging of your property if required, Professional Photography, formulating a mutually agreeable marketing plan and booking print advertising and open homes.

Throughout the marketing program your Finda Home Sales Consultant will provide you with regular and timely feedback, including weekly reports, following each week’s open homes.

Communication is Paramount for a mutually beneficial outcome

About our Town

Over the years, Cambridge (Town of Trees) has become a satellite town for Hamilton, offering city workers a quiet, safe environment to reside and with the construction of the new Expressway, the town is predicted to continue to grow at a steady pace.  Above all, our location close to Auckland, international airports, beaches, mountains and lakes, makes us an extremely desirable destination.

There are excellent schools, daycare centers and kindergarten facilities available, plus a host of equine facilities & studs, cycling and rowing facilities, sports clubs, gyms, cafes, restaurants and bars.  There is a very strong presence of high level athletes, due to the excellent sporting/training facilities on offer and consequently Cambridge is now also known as “the Town of Champions”.

With this in mind Finda Home Ltd, trading as Finda Home Real Estate, is proud to announce a business extension to our highly successful Property Management company, Finda Home NZ Ltd.
Finda Home Real Estate has come about due to the demand from our extensive Data Base of clients wishing to rent, invest in, or purchase a property to create a home. We also recommend you place your investment home under professional property management with Finda Home NZ Ltd or rent one of our professionally managed properties and experience our exceptional communication and service.”